SEO Expert & Trainer

Fixed fee

± 4 hrs/week

1 - 3 months


Are you looking for a freelance SEO opportunity and love to support a young impact-driven marketing agency in Europe? Are you comfortable working remote or in a small team setting? If you are a self-starter, that likes the sweet cocktail of strategy and execution, and are eager to learn and teach, we’d like to invite you to apply. Comarketers is a growth marketing agency founded in 2019 to help B2B companies and (Tech/AI) startups to accelerate their growth in Europe and across the globe. We are a diverse, distributed team across Europe with a Marketing Operations Team in South Africa. We currently build and expand our own team with 3-6 months live and online traineeships. We are currently looking for an SEO expert to give a remote course on campaigns and SEO to a cohort of trainees of Comarketers in South Africa (Cape Town and Johannesburg) and to support SEO marketing projects for Comarketers and its clients.

Job summary

As an SEO expert you know how to drive search traffic to support customer growth by teaching and managing a broad range of SEO activities for Comarketers and/or clients. You know how to run SEO audits, content research, keyword and backlink analysis, link building, pillar pages, on page optimization and reporting on google search ranking performance. You understand how to deep dive in competitor ranking performance and suggest and apply improvements to rank on top. You are able to report on current rankings, gaps, areas for improvement and performance of SEO activities.

Our ideal candidate has developed him/herself as a true SEO expert. The role requires a  strong understanding of SEO, eagerness to learn, and self-motivation with strong technical and analytical skills. You can share a great track record in SEO performance and high-ranking pillar pages. You have familiarized yourself with relevant SEO and web analytics tools, including SEMRush, (potentially Ahrefs), Google Analytics and Google Search Console. You are able to develop instructions and tutorials on SEO and are also comfortable sharing your knowledge and expertise in (online) live classes and check-ins with our cohort of trainees in South Africa. You love to continuously learn and evolve yourself and share your learnings and like the excitement of ranking on top with relevant topic clusters.


  • Complete SEO audits, competitive audits and content audits, using a wide range digital marketing tools including SEMRush, SEO Quake and BuzzSumo.
  • Increase organic web traffic for relevant keywords in targeted geos to rank on the first page(s).
  • Conduct technical audits, identify and implement technical improvements on websites
  • Conduct content and SEO research, including keyword (gap) analyses, backlink (gap) analyses
  • Run competitive SEO audits, analyze competitor SEO status with keyword gap and backlink gap analyses, strategizing and implementing opportunities for improvement
  • Develop SEO strategies and topic clusters to support our client’s to improve organic traffic
  • On page content optimization to improve page ranking for the relevant keywords
  • Develop backlink acquisition strategies and acquire backlinks from high authority websites
  • Build and update SEO reporting and performance dashboard
  • Keep up-to-date on the evolving SEO landscape to stay within search engine guidelines, compiling and presenting SEO guidelines and alert/correct any performance issues
  • Co-develop/update a course on SEO and marketing automation (email automation workflows)
  • Give an online (remote) course  with 3 live Zoom classes and 6 mentor sessions and review homework

Required skills & experience

  • Strong SEO knowledge and hands-on optimization experience with a clearly visible track record
  • Working knowledge of ranking factors, search engine algorithms and optimization practices
  • Excellent English SEO writing skills, to write clearly and quickly in a coherent manner
  • Knowledge of SEO tooling, including SEMRush, Screaming Frog, Google Analytics and Search Console and potentially Ahrefs.
  • Experience using CMS and website optimization tools, understanding the impact on SEO
  • Eager to learn and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in SEO
  • Eager to share your knowledge and expertise with entry-level marketing specialists in Africa
  • Affinity with teaching, experience writing instructions or giving training is a huge plus.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and UI/UX design is a plus
  • Strong analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Able to work independently