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How it works

How does it work?

You’ll be part of a 4 to 7 marketers team or flex pool executing a growth marketing program to jump start or elevate customer growth. A regular marketer’s job requires on average 4 to 8 hours per week, from single assignments up to 3+ months in a row.

Application & matching

Find opportunities

Navigate through all open and future job opportunities, from beginner to expert. Show your interest in future opportunities or apply for current openings.

Submit your profile

Show your interest or apply for open positions by completing your profile and motivation. Add your availability and skills to support the screening

Complete a challenge

After submission, we'll provide you with a challenge or a request for proposal - pending on the job you're interested in - to evaluate and match you to the right opportunity.

Get vetted

Get started

Contract & assignment

Get contracted

If we both agree the opportunity matches your abilities, we'll provide you with a freelance contract. You can opt-in for single short term and/or multiple long term projects based on availability of work.

Meet and great

Prior to first assignments, we'd like to welcome you, make you acquainted with Comarketers and our marketing program methodology and bring you up to speed to kickstart a project.

Receive first assignment(s)

As soon as we have a client assignment available, we take the next person off the list to give work. From there, you can expand to multiple and/or longer-term assignments on availability of work.

Onboarding & training

Get onboard, meet and greet

We make you acquainted with the client, other team members you'll need or collaborate with, and provide practioner's support in our marketing methodology.

Receive briefing or instructions

For beginners, we have clear instructions available to perform the task at hand. Experts will receive clear briefings and feedback to excel and outperform.

Access resources and training

We have a ton of tools, resources and training courses available to bring you up to speed. You receive training and mentoring for the skills needed to get the job done.

Get skilled

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Are you interested in joining a divers, collaborative, high-performing team of marketing professionals, contributing to a mission? Do you have what it takes to accelerate a startup’s growth?