Growth marketing manager


32-40 hrs/week


South Africa

Do you like to accelerate the growth of B2B startups or scaleups in Europe and across the globe? Enjoy managing a full B2B growth marketing program and a remote and international growth marketing team? If you like to build go-to-market strategies and take full ownership running growth marketing programs with demonstrated impact on customer and revenue growth, then we’d like to get to know you. We are looking for experienced marketing managers to supercharge our clients growth with customer leads and opportunities.

We offer B2B scale-ups growth marketing programs to accelerate their growth. An integrated marketing approach offered in bundless, or as an all-inclusive solution, together with a team, tools and processes that fit the company stage of growth. For a period of at least three months, a specialised growth marketing team is dedicated to strategize and execute customized marketing projects and programs for one or multiple clients to help build, grow and scale a customer pipeline in a repeatable manner.

Job summary

You’ll run growth marketing programs to meet our clients ambitious growth goals while developing your team. You manage the program, the clients and the growth marketing team to accelerate growth. You take ownership for program deliverables and outcomes – a predictable opportunity pipeline. You lead and support a growth marketing team of remote marketers across Europe and South Africa, enabling them to outperform. You’re their go-to-source to execute and deliver. You help the team to meet and exceed customer expectations to level up the game for the clients we serve.

Our ideal candidate is a professional in B2B marketing and demand generation. He/She understands growth, and i challenged by the sweet cocktail of strategy and execution. A sincere believer in customer-centric marketing, ambitious and hands-on. Growth marketing and performance management doesn’t have secrets to you. You enthusiastically share how you build, measure and learn with a demonstrated impact on revenue growth. And you know it requires a team, that you are able to mobilize, energize, guide and support as no other towards that one goal: sustainable growth ! As a performance marketer and data-driven professional, you go beyond gut feeling to allocate resources to high-performing activities.


  • Build go-to-market strategies and growth plans to launch products and accelerate growth
  • Setup quarterly roadmaps and agile sprint planning sessions to schedule the work to be done
  • Setup and run quarterly and yearly growth marketing programs for multiple clients to accelerate growth
  • Own all growth marketing initiatives, incl. customer intelligence, messaging, web and collateral, content, channels and campaigns 
  • Design, manage and monitor the content and marketing channel mix, lead generation and nurturing and account-based marketing campaigns (ABM)
  • Organize team members’ briefing, instruction, guidance and support, including monthly sprint sessions and weekly stand ups to keep everyone on track
  • Coordinate sprint sessions with ideation and design of growth experiments
  • Ideate, test and validate new propositions, content, channels and campaigns with growth tactics (including traffic, activation and conversion rate optimization)
  • Guide and follow up build-measure-learn, executing, improving and optimization growth marketing strategies with the team
  • Manage performance, monitoring and reporting on marketing deliverables and sales funnel metrics
  • Report on deliverables and key metrics and provide monthly and quarterly reviews and roadmaps
  • Support frequent communications and reporting to the client
  • Support the training and skills development of the team to level up team and client performance

Required skills & experience

  • Proven track record in marketing management and team management with demonstrable impact on pipeline growth and revenue
  • Highly experienced in B2B marketing and demand generation in an international environment
  • Full understanding of the latest in marketing, including growth marketing, inbound and marketing automation (HubSpot), account-based marketing and conversion rate optimization
  • Highly organized with good time management skills, able to structure and organize key activities, resources and budget
  • Familiarity with an agile way of working (sprints, lean/scrum)
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, including a strong grasp of English language
  • Affinity with innovation, technology and artificial intelligence
  • Analytical, a data-driven professional 
  • Great fit with a startup culture: speed is a habit, you move quickly, you are biased towards action and execution oriented
  • Curiosity to learn, instinctively interested in the newest tools, technologies and products
  • Comfortable with collaboration and productivity tools like Slack, ClickUp, Toggl and Google Drive
  • Affinity with our mission, to provide opportunity to talent from underprivileged backgrounds in South Africa

About Comarketers
Comarketers is an impact growth marketing company working alongside B2B Scale-ups in the Tech and Services Industry to drive growth. We help companies to build, grow and scale a customer pipeline in Europe and beyond by strategizing and executing marketing for growth. Our mission is twofold: we empower scale-ups to go-to-market with a proven B2B growth marketing blueprint on subscription, while providing career opportunities to people around the globe. Some of our marketing professionals, just based on geography, don’t have the same opportunities. By training talent on our battle-tested marketing blueprint, we prove anyone can cross their borders.

We continuously look for people to join our journey. Enthusiasts with ambition, a unique skill set and eagerness to learn. If you respond well to diversity, autonomy and pace, we want to meet you. We are a remote-first company with a company office in CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center) in Rotterdam.